Message from the Chairman

Subject: BCC/NCRS Chapter Meet, June 27 2015, Vancouver Canada

Hello BCNCRS/NCRS members:

I would personally like to thank all the members who came out and supported the BCNCRS Chapter June 27 2015.

Without members attending there would be no chapter meet. Members like Rick Nordin, from North Saanich BC, I appreciate you coming out. Ferry ride and all.

The Chaddock Clan…. AJ da man!!! and his girlfriend Mindy.  I will have more salad for her next year….with kale this time. Denton such a fine gentleman…lucky you Addie and of course Doris helping to collect the windfall….lol.  Need more members to reach that goal.

I hope all of you enjoyed your time, and I hope all of you can make it out again next year. I hope same time and possibly same place.

For the people who Judged for the first time Addie, Denton and Chuck, I hope you liked the experience and will continue to do so. OJ’s Charles, James and Louis I hope you guys can OJ again and possibly move to judging……you see it wasn’t that hard was it?!

I humbly also express my appreciation to the owners who brought out their cars and those who signed up for Sportsman.

John Hopkins 90 ZR1 which blazed the score sheet……its still on fire!!!! Well it makes sense….RED ZR1!!!!!!!!!!

Arne Chaddock with his impeccable Duntov 63 split window

Addie Chaddock and her 82 Collectors addition – incidentally Arne was looking for a car for Addie way back then and I found this low mile car and told Arne to buy it for Addie!

Chuck Melanson and his beautiful 67 400 Hp air coupe.

Michael Amos and his Awesome 2015 Convertible-  He gave the keys to Chuck and he drove it around the block—Brave man…..not to worry as he and Arne owns their own insurance company. But I think Chuck will be buying a 2015 or 2016 in the future??? I myself have not seen a C7 up so close and it was a privilege to have one at our Chapter meet, I keep on seeing them whiz by……

When we have all the pictures posted on the web site I will ask Arne to send out an email so you can all view it.

Thanks to John Paul Nelson III who continues to risk crossing the border in order to support us. Obviously they must not know him well, and we benefit from this. We appreciate his support and knowledge that he brings.

Thanks again to all you members for attending and Have a Great Canada July 1 holiday and for you south of the border guys a Happy and safe July 4th….. spin some tires.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone via this email and some I don’t have emails so Arne if you can forward this email to them

All the best till next year…………hmm chicken was good…….maybe big meaty  Beef Ribs in Smokey BBQ sauce….how’s that??

Grant Wong
Judging Chairman